The Drunkard And His Lost Keys

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One evening, a policeman saw a man busily tossing his hands and fingers in the bushes just under a street light. Amazed by what this man was doing, the policeman pulled over, parked the police patrol car and got out of the car marching towards this man.

“Hey, what is going on? Is everything okay?”, the policeman asked the man who seemed to have had enough to drink and probably lost something of his along the line. “No mate! I just lost my keys,” he replied. The policeman thought it wise to help this man find his so-called “lost keys’.

Over half an hour of searching and searching almost everywhere possible hoping to find the keys, the policeman got tired of searching for something which almost seemed invisible and asked this man, “Are you sure you misplaced your keys around this place?” “Um, I guess not.” the man replied. “Then why are we looking for it here”, the policeman inquired. “Because this is where the lights are”, the man answered.

What would you do to this man if you were the policeman? Don’t you think he deserved to be….?

I mean how on earth can you misplace something in a dark room and go out to search for it under the street lights?

Funny enough, that is exactly how some (if not most) of us behave. We almost always look elsewhere or blame someone else when in fact the original “devil” is inside us. We throw things around our environment and expect to be free from mosquito bites in our rooms because we think we don’t sleep in the gutters so even if mosquitoes breed out of the gutters where we throw the filth, they won’t get to our rooms to bite us. Sorry, but the mosquitoes feed on blood so definitely, they will come chasing us one day.

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