Why People Don’t Live Life Before Leaving Earth

Being a lover of arts and creativity, I am a great fun of plays. I prefer plays to dramas (movies) in a lot of ways because unlike drama (movies), you (the actor) are made to deliver on your feet to a live audience. For this reason, there is very little room for errors as everything to be performed is carefully put together in such a way that an error or break in communication from one character or actor can ruin the whole play.

Therefore, for a play to be very successful, there is a need for a very committed people to rehearse and rehearse and rehearse consistently over time to the point that they can pre-play the play in their mind while on stage. Thus. Every error to be made should be made and corrected in the rehearsal stage before the play proper.

In other forms of creative arts like dramas (or movies), there is a rehearsal period too. However, the period is not as consistent and intense as that of a play. I even heard some talented and experienced actors don’t rehearse in the first place. All they do is to go through their scripts, prepare and deliver. After all, they could almost always freeze, pause, cut and take several shots should there be an error somewhere. A good editor or post production team can edit and put things together in such a way that can convince the viewer that things were as real as they were shot and never rehearsed or edited.

However, whereas there is a practice period and a real action period in the entertainment world, things are very different in the real world. In the real world, you (as an actor) have just the “real action” period with no practical “rehearsal” period.

Yet I find it so strange to see how people live their lives as if it were some “rehearsal” for some life to come in the future! In other words, it saddens my heart when I see a lot of young people from all walks of life living their lives in a way that makes me ask myself if they are really living life.

As complicated and sarcastic as it seems, this is often the case in reality. Growing up, people have always been promised of what will happen next so much that they forget the next starts from now. For instance, parents put off having quality time with their kids for spending hours and hours in the office probably on a job they hate. Kids, likewise, put off playing and experimenting with things for a caution from their parents who probably have concerns and destinies different from that of their kids. Some people I know intentionally (or unintentionally) put off investing in their health and happiness now for some time in the future when they acquire enough.

You may be thinking, “But tomorrow will always come!” Yeah, maybe! But there is no guarantee that you will show up tomorrow. There are lots of people who were with us yesterday but are not here today. Likewise, there are opportunities existing today that were not present yesterday and there are opportunities here today that may not be available for us tomorrow.

So, if you are not assured of tomorrow, why live your life as if you will live forever? Why put important things on hold today to be done in a future you are not guaranteed of? Someone once said humans are the most interesting creatures on earth: we put our life and health on hold to chase after money for the most precious part of our lives until we lose the sense of our lives, then we spend all the money we’ve gathered in the past trying to get our lives back.

This is really crazy if you ask me. Why on earth will a human being created in the likeness of the creator live their lives in such a manner? But that is all that happens in most cases. Artists and designers who love to draw and design are compelled to put their love for arts on hold and pursue a degree in law with hopes that someday, they might return to their “first love” in the future as if they were assured of what will happen tomorrow.

Finally, let me ask you this; will you do what you are about to do now if today was your last day on earth? If yes, then congratulation! You are living life. If no, then sorry to tell you that you are really not living life that much. So for the next moments through to the rest of your life, I would like you to live your life as if it was your last on earth and if there is any good you need to do, you ought to do it NOW because, unlike a play, you may not have many opportunities to restart life. Moreover, you only have one chance to make a first impression so make an impression in this life today that you live because there may not be a second life on earth for you after this..

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