7 Reasons To Never Follow Your Passion

“Do what you love and the money will come.” How many times have you heard that statement? 5 times? 10 times? 20 times? I have heard this statement over a hundred times from mentors, coaches and a lot of renowned business leaders. But how true is this statement?

What if you love having sex; should you become a porn star (and get paid for having sex)? What if you love killing people; should you become a sought-after serial killer?

You may say those scenarios are quite extreme. But at least, you understand why you sometimes should never ever follow your “passion” especially if you are unclear what it really entails.

Here are 7 reasons to never follow your passion:

1.Passion Is Not Enough: 

Passion is very essential to succeed in what you do. It is your fuel. But passion is not just enough especially when you’re just starting out. There will be a lot of times when you will fall flat on your face; when you seem like you’ve run out of your fuel (passion) and that is when you realize there is something more essential than passion called “perseverance” that you may be missing.


2. It May Not Pay Off (at least for now):

I got this one wrong in the past for a long time. Imagine you were the owner of a hospital, and I walked to you one day for a job as a physician just because I am passionate about the health of people, will you give me the job? No, right? Because you only get paid for selling something (a product or service [skill]). Thus, I may be 1001% passionate but one my passion is not backed by a sellable skill or service, it will forever remain as it is – passion.


3. Your Passion May Harm You (Hypothetically):

Think about the scenario I gave in the introduction about loving to kill people. It will only lead you to crime upon crime and you may have to live the rest of your life behind bars if care is not taken. The fact that you love your sibling doesn’t mean you guys should be dating (unless it is allowed in your culture). Likewise, the fact that you “love” to do something may not necessarily mean you should pursue it totally.


4.We All Have Passion:

How unique is your passion? How rare is your talent? If you have a passion but luck originality to make it a bit different, you may lose more than just money.


5.Your passion may lack discipline:

If there is a better way to define discipline, it will be “to do what you have to do today so you get to do what you want to do later”. There is nothing disastrous than an uncontrolled passion. Being passionate about something comes with equal level of discipline that will guide you and guard your steps to success.


6.Your passion may lack diligence:

Next to discipline, one needs diligence alongside their passion. If you are the most passionate person on a topic, let’s see your passion at work. You ought to work so hard till other people describe you as a “passionate” person because they’ve seen you work tirelessly at your craft.


7.You still may need an insurance:

Wait, I don’t mean a motor or life insurance (though that is equally necessary). An insurance is just something (or someone) you can fall back on just in case something happens. I don’t mean go get a degree in fishing to love fishing. No! An insurance can be a mentor or a personal experience you have that can serve as a guide when you are threading on new and unfamiliar territories. An investment in an insurance will protect you from losing your passion and will get you back on track after a setback.


Summing all these (and many) points up, I believe you should never do what you love. Instead, do your best to love what you do (no matter how difficult or boring it may seem) and find ways to make money out of it, and you will be shockingly surprised how easy it is to be paid for something you love doing for free..

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