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The first time I came across this message, I became so surprised. You might be wondering whether this is true or not. How can failure be a choice? If it is a choice, why then do people still fail? Just like you reading this, I didn’t believe this till I read a quote of Buddha which says that, “you are where you are (or what you are) today because of the choices you made in the past”. 

Do you remember that day that your little choice you made cost you to fail at something? That happened to me once. I then realized that yes, failure is really a choice! But, the good thing is that, it is not always the worst choice. As a matter of fact, you choose whether to be a failure or to be a success. The question then is: why isn’t everyone successful? 
The answer is simple. They choose to be so. When you are born, God grants you all the freedom you may need to make your own choices in the form of your decisions and actions. It is so sad how people remain so stereotyped and hard to change.
Others also somewhat remain so indecisive forgetting that deciding not to decide is already a decision. They always wait till their opportunity is taken-up by other people. Some people have chosen to be poor just because of fear to take action.
Thanks to another great asset called creativity. Creativity is failure’s much feared and despised twin. While failure makes one least successful and poor, creativity makes one successful and wealthy. People who choose one indirectly close the door to the other. 
Despite these choices, most people choose failure by default. They cease to use their potential and creativity to break them free of their failure bondage. From birth to death, all they see, do, talk, or show is about failure. They give so much power to failure which, with this power, tends to ruin their lives. 
Nevertheless, if you indirectly chose failure, you can make changes. Think, henceforth, only of success and how to achieve it. Plan how you want to live your life now and ask yourself how you can live that dream life. Love what you do and learn from other successful people their ways.
The fact that you choose success does not mean you will be setback-free. Failures and setbacks may come and when they do come, see them as keys to strengthen you. Embrace them and learn from them.
To conclude, everyone has a choice to live successfully or fail. What do you choose? I believe in you that you will choose the former and very soon you will be amongst the outstanding few successful people.
Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts on this below.

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