Every leader who aspires to achieve all his goals must follow some little basic principles. Inasmuch as leadership may take different forms, each of the forms somewhat follows these set of laws. WHAT LAWS ARE THESE…?

1. THE LAW OF DREAMS: A leader gives vision to his followers.  Just like any other animal, humans love to follow; and they always follow a leader who directs them to a desirable objective. When people buy into your dreams, they buy into your leadership.

2. THE LAW OF REWARDS: A leader gives rewards to his followers. As a fact, everyone will follow a leader who provides them rewards from their self-chosen goals. That is, your followers must get the hope that they are not following you for nothing. The things that get rewarded, they say, get done; so to achieve your goals as a leader, you need to reward.

3. THE LAW OF CREDIBILITY: A leader gives confidence to his followers. Any leader who musters this law has the greater part of his job done. This is because people follow a leader when they have confidence in his plans. Such leader believes in his followers and, thus, has people who believe in him.

4. THE LAW OF COMMUNICATION: A leader gives clear direction to his followers. People follow a leader who effectively communicates his plans to reach the objective. Without communication as a leader, most of your followers may lose hope in your dreams. Inasmuch as we need communication, we should also take note of how we communicate. We must listen first in order to get them listen to us.

5. THE LAW OF ACCOUNTABILITY: People don’t do what you expect, but what you inspect.
A leader takes responsibility of his actions as well as gives his followers the chance to be responsible. People follow a leader who gives them responsibility to help reach the objective. The leader must therefore know the contribution that his followers make to help reach the goal.

6. THE LAW OF MOTIVATION: Leadership is all about motivation. A leader gives compelling reasons to follow him to reach the objective by assuring them of the fact that “they can make it!” People follow you when you give them a reason to work.

7. THE LAW OF PROBLEM-SOLVING: A leader gives solutions to his followers’ problems. This is because, to your followers, you are the one they look to in times of troubles. Therefore as a leader, you should give solutions to problems that hinder them from reaching the objective because the more barriers that frustrate your followers, the less likely they are to reach the goal which is success.

8. THE LAW OF DECISION-MAKING: A leader gives decisive answers to his followers concerning how to reach their objective. The leader must make good decisions that move followers toward the objective and should never compromise that authority for anything else. In order to do this, you need to analyze your information because leaders make good decisions on good information; bad decisions on bad information; and lucky decisions on no information.

With these 8 laws of leadership, you are going to super-charge your position as a leader to successfully influence the lives of your followers as a whole in diverse areas.

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