Like David of the Old Testament of the Bible, everyone of us must fight their “Goliath” in order to succeed at anything. What or who are these Goliaths?

1. PROCRATINATION: This is simply when important tasks are innocently and genuinely postponed for a convenient time. It is called “the thief of time” because though given twenty-four hours in a day, it makes you believe you have all the time in the world and by the time you realize, you may think all your time is gone. This piles-up work and retards progress.

2. LAZINESS / SLOTHFULNESS: Laziness is another giant that many are still grappling with. Unlike procrastination, this is more of conscious postponing of activities to times that we feel are favorable enough. But is there a real “favorable” time? If there is a favorable time, I strongly it is NOW! That’s why God tells us to go to the ant and learn from her ways!

3. TIME MISMANAGEMENT: This is sometimes referred to as “time wasting”. It can be realized that time is really not “wasted” but rather “mismanaged”. Time is money; time is life. Therefore mismanaged is never regained. No matter what you are: rich or poor, good or bad, pretty or ugly; we all have exactly twenty-four hours in a day at our disposal. So when unconscionable time is spent in profitless activities, it leads to failure.

4. MISPLACED PRIORITY: This is when things are disorganized and a person attends to inconsequential tasks at the expense of very important ones. This is somewhat related to time mismanagement but in the large extend. This means a person is so over whelmed with time management that they don’t mind doing things that may be urgent instead of those that are important. This can lead to majoring in minors.

5. LOW SELF-ESTEEM: Don’t really know if this is a cause or rather an effect. Either case, this tends to be a disease affecting the mentality and the mindset of most people. It makes them inferior to others. A person with a low self-esteem feels incapable, unqualified, feeble, or weak. This builds in them the hope not to try something at all. Hence, low self-esteem diminishes morale.

6. INDISCIPLINE AND FRIVOLITY: This can refer to the situation where someone has no control over things like sleep, appetite, and other activities like hanging around with wrong people or things, thus, making them have a negative influence on their aim. It takes but only thorough discipline and discernment to even get them realize the existence of this “Goliath” lest to talk about breaking free.

7. DISTRACTIONS AND DIVERSIONS: Strong enticement like fashion and entertainment hold a lot of people especially the youth back from achieving their set goals. Why are they distractions? This is because they are a different form of attraction that is mostly directed towards something opposite or negative to our aim. They almost always come in when we are so discouraged that we want to give-up. With a “catchy” and appealing nature, they easily grab our attention.

8. BAD ASSOCIATION: Bad company, they say, corrupts good morals. It kills passion for excellence and positive progress. Do you think you can be a member of the fishermen’s club and never know what a fish is? Never! Therefore, if we are always in the midst of non-serious, nonchalant, lazy and care-free colleagues their attitude can influence as very easily and his endangers our success.

9. COMPLACENCY: This refers simply to self-satisfaction and saturation. It is likened to what we term to be our “comfort zones”. Complacency places us in a position of thinking that “we are okay” when rather, that is supposed to be just the beginning. We should always realize that “good” is always the enemy of “better”. Conquering complacency makes you understand that we should not settle for “good” when we can actually get “better”.

10. EXCUSES: Instead taking responsibility and doing what we are suppose to do, the average man finds several ways to give reasons or shift blame on others. For how long are you going to continue not accepting your faults and apologizing instead of letting the whole world know you could not do something because someone else’s actions? Excuses can be so addictive that victims of it never wish to change.

11. SIN: If there’s anything to despoil and rob anyone from success, it is S.I.N (Success Impeding Nature). Sins such as cheating, lies, love of money, and even doubts can deter you from enjoying your success. Moses and Aaron, according to the Good Book, could not reach the Promise Land not because of fornication, theft or laziness but doubting God. Sins make us vulnerable and exposed to attacks of the devil.

12. ILL-FINANCES:  Can you recall that big dream you had one day they made you feel on top of the world but never materialized due to the lack of adequate finances to push it through? You are not alone. Everyone, no matter their pedigree, in oe way or the other will face this “goliath”. It is phenomenal the degree to which this “goliath” affect one’s goal largely depends on the size of your goal.

13. CURSES AND ILL-CHAKRAS: Though not rampant now, there used to be a situation (especially in the Old Testament) where people had to bear the consequences and the repercussions of some blunders of their fathers and even fore-fathers. Others also have their system pre-programmed with some “false data” that becomes so part of them they simply accept this “false data” that they can never achieve success.

14. ILL-LUCK: You may not believe there is anything called “luck”. But, if you do, then you should understand that there is also an “ill-luck”. This is when people with much potential and a big dream just don’t meet the right people at the right places and times. This brings frustration, mediocre, grief and reproach. Such people just resort to giving up.

15. FEAR: Fear can be termed as the father of all the above “goliaths”. According to a report on a research about causes of failure in most youth, fear is the number one thing that keeps them away from achieving their dreams. Phobia has grasped people so much that they are even afraid to talk, walk, or even eat at certain places at certain hours. Others do not only have a fear of failure but also fear of success. They fear that achieving something makes them “something else” and hence do not pursue success at all. No matter the type, fear only makes people panic, static, stagnant and afraid to move forward.



Going through these set of Goliaths of success, which of them do you think impede your progress the most? What steps do you think are necessary to take to achieve those goals?

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