For so long Goliath kept on frightening the jews days and nights non-stop. It took brave young man called David to silence him. This seems to be a very popular old story, but, we all can realize that David did this with a small tool: arguably five pieces of stones. Unlike David, we will conquer our Goliaths not with five stones but 8-D’s (Not because we are acting as David).

1. DREAM:  This is the first “D” to face our tyrant “goliath of success”. Great achievements start with a dream. There is a popular saying that “you can not feature in a future you did not picture”. Just as it is not advisable, if not impossible, to build a mansion without a plan; so will it be for any sort of success we wish to achieve. If you really want to achieve something great, you must first dream of its result. Have a mental picture of the success – Dare to dream, and dream very BIG!

2. DRIVE: This is the passion that provides the force and push for success and stimulates the desire for success. Just imagine, having a car which you will love to take somewhere but don’t want to drive it; or imagine having a nice new phone but lacking the air time to call your friends with it. Your dream tends to be unworthy and in-achievable if you lack the passion.

3. DESIRE: Craving and longing for success is all desire is about. It is likened to passion as in drive but the two are different; drive is the passion that comes with having a dream while desire is the passion that motivates you to achieve that dream. It involves thinking about the dream from time to time. The strength and amount of desire you have for a particular dream or goal tells the rapidity with which you can attract it into your life. Strong big desire + drive = quick result.

4. DECISION: To decide simply means to choose after a careful look at other possibilities. Once you decide, you become very clear about your dream. For instance, if your dream is to buy a car, decision makes it possible to choose the specific type, color, and model that will really satisfy you. Note that deciding not to decide is already a decision. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take good and specific decisions as they facilitate our progress and promotion. Remember that you are what you are what you are today because of some decisions you took in the past.

5. DETERMINATION: Once you have made a good decision, the next thing is to be very determined. Determination is not always about been aggressive for success but also defining clearly what you need to do and/or not to do to achieve a set goal. Don’t give up – don’t throw in the towel. Be courageous and unsinkable especially when success appears to be elusive. Do your best because just behind your hardship lies your “hardest ship” to take you to your dreamland. Abraham Lincoln failed about thirteen times but still became the sixteenth president of America due to his determination.

6. DILIGENCE: This is the careful, persistent, consistent and detailed way of amassing a lot force to ensure that something is done. It involves, also, working hard and smart enough that nothing except our success is the most important priority in our lives. We need to be time-conscious and very active if we wish to be diligent. Dream is not enough; start working hard at your goal. Don’t just aim right; draw the bow with all your might. Remember hard work does not kill body; it kills laziness and procrastination.

7. DISCIPLINE: Not compromising on your decisions, self-control, and restraint give meaning to discipline. In other words, it involves knowing what to do at a time and keeping to it. A friend defines discipline as “doing what you are not supposed to do so that you get to do what you really want to do. It discipline that makes you wake up very early in the morning for work or forgo that favorite game to do an assignment. Disicipline is seen to be very difficult because it is a personal fight. Perhaps, Plato was right when he said, “the first and best victory to conquer is oneself”. Try to say “NO” to distractions because undisciplined people get nowhere. Remember that it is not everything that is good for you that is fun; and it is not everything that is fun that is good for you.

8. DIRECTION:  Everywhere you want to go in the globe has its map or blueprint. So is success. You need direction-a map, to get you there. Strategize and map-out plans for executing and attaining your target. Know where you are going and decide how to get there because if you don’t know where you are going, every road takes you there. Without direction, there is no purpose and determination because anywhere can be the destination. No one is an island so don’t feel so “bossy” to ask for help. Ask those who have taken a similar step and find out how to get there. Ask also those who could not make it and learn from their mistakes. Build a wide network around because for all you may know the help you have been anticipating for is just close to you or maybe here.

Finally, and above all believe, trust and depend only on God of success for success.

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