Let’s Talk About Money This Month – Daily Money Mistakes You Have Been Making

If there is any other “taboo” topic, especially in Ghana and other parts of Africa after “sex”, it will be the topic of money.

Why This?

I am saying this because we hardly talk about money and treat it as if it is not important. Yet, money is the second cause of divorce in the world, after infidelity. Poverty is also ranked among the globe’s biggest problems. The funny thing, though, is that those who don’t treat it as important are those who don’t have it. This is a problem I seek to solve with this series of posts.

What’s The Solution?

I may not have the solution for all your money problems. But, I have put together these ideas from various proven sources that I believe can help the youths take full control of their financial life. They are not “foolproof” though, at least without some action to be taken. But, I must admit I use and I am practicing most of these tips in my personal life too.

Who Am I Targeting?

If you have ever used any form of currency before, I am talking g to you. However, I will be focusing a bit more on the youth.

How Long Will These Series Be?

This will depend largely on my availability. I won’t promise the frequency though, but I am sure they will be continuous for as long as I can go. 🙂


As you may already know by now, my name still remains “Archurst“, a regular guy and not that “multi-billionaire” you may be expecting. If you seek to get money tips from only billionaires, you may be at the wrong place.

With that said, just stay tuned for this series in the coming weeks.


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