23 Strange Quotations (#8 Will Surprise You!)

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So you think you hear interesting quotes? Well check these ones out:

.The greatest day? – Today
.The easiest thing to do? – Make  mistake
.The greatest obstacle? – Fear
.The greatest error? – Abandon yourself
.The root of evil? – Selfishness
.The greatest defeat? – Work
.The worst defeat? – Despair
.The best teachers? – Children
.The most basic need? – To communicate
.What makes you the happiest? – To be helpful to others
.The greatest mystery? – Death
.The worst defeat? – Bad Humour
.The lowest of sentiment? – Hate
.The greatest defence? – A smile
.The greatest strength? – Faith
.The best remedy? – Optimism
.The most needed people? – Parents
.The greatest gift? – Forgiveness
.The most needed? – A home
.The quickest way? – The right way
.The greatest sensation? – inner peace
.The greatest satisfaction? – Duty accomplished
.The greatest of all? – Love


Disclaimer: Hope you don’t call me “Most Weirdest” for sharing this though. 🙂

Anyways, which quote excited you most? What do you think? What else did you expect to be on this list? Share your thoughts!

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