My name is Archurst O. Agyarko (Paa Yaw)

A Hustler | Startup Founder | Product Manager

What My Blog Usually Covers…

Self Development

Motivation from within can always move you beyond your imagination into reality. That is why I love to motivate and inspire by mirroring the steps of others who have been there.


Entrepreneurship can be rough without the proper tools. Being a young entrepreneur, I keep learning new ways of doing business and these info, I will share with you.

Technology /Web

Being a millennial, I have grown to believe that technology has the power to change not just what we do, but who we are! I just love tech!


Being a “people-person” I almost always find myself drawn to other people. This has made me love the idea of knowing how people relate to one another.

Health /Wellness

Your health is your wealth! It is that part of your that you may not value now until it is gone. Let’s share ideas on how to live a healthy life!


In a few days, we’ll be launching our podcast. I personally will like you to be part of the podcast journey as we share ideas, the audio way!

My Biography

..a little something about "moi"


 rchurst (pronounced as ‘aa-kest’) hails from a small town in Ghana, West-Africa. Though very young, his passion for helping people achieve their goals has earned him a lot of  experience worth sharing with the world.

While in college, he created his first blog (Best Success Blog) in 2011 and followed it with a yet another Blog (Campuz Filla) which later became one of the first student-targeted news sites in Ghana and had volunteer authors representing the various tertiary campuses in the country.

He also started a non-profit organization called Young Successful Leaders Of Tomorrow (Y-SLOT) with his fellow room mates (Oliver, Samuel and Caleb) which sought to raise young leaders across Africa.

He later became an amateur web-developer and an online marketer for many popular brands in Ghana and Africa.

He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of COSByte Inc. and a blogger at Archurst’s Blog.

When not working on his startups, he can be found reading, speaking, virtual-djing or traveling.

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A few of my skills..

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